1st Floor Residential Remodel Project

Before Kitchen photo After Kitchen photo

Before Den photo                         After Den Photo

IMG_4919 den-kitchen-porch-1500_1500

Once the decision was made to stay in their 30 year old home, the Phillips realized it was time for an update.  The main level was too divided into small spaces making the flow not match their living requirements.  We removed walls between the breakfast room and den, the den and living room along with the den and sunroom making the 4 rooms all work together.  Each room still maintains its function but they all work together and are open to each other to provide flow within the 1st floor spaces.  Previously, they never used the breakfast room to eat and now they use it everyday.

The kitchen layout was changed from the U-shape to allow for a central floating island since they need serving space when they entertain.  In addition, another oven was added and a built in microwave.  All other appliances are hidden in the pantry area created around the refrigerator wall cabinets for a true built in look.

Rather than try to match the existing yellow oak floors, a luxury vinyl tile was selected for the entire floor, stairs and upstairs hall to match the new gray color scheme. The final design creates an open floor plan within the existing structure with an updated contemporary feel and color scheme.

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