Conference Room; Multipurpose Rooms

With more people working from home, there is an even greater need for meeting places.  In addition to an area to gather, the spaces need to provide the correct furniture, lighting, audio visual equipment, and technology needs.  Office spaces will continue to decrease in size, so all the areas need to be multifunctional and adaptable to the meeting needs.  We can help guide you through the decisions and options available.

Most facilities require conference rooms, multipurpose rooms or board rooms to provide spaces for meetings.  Each location has different needs that could be after hours availability, technology, lighting,  furniture and privacy.  When the space is programmed, all of these needs are considered into the design and space planning.  

When there are requests for optional layouts within the space, different furniture requirements are proposed.  Consideration is given to layouts, how the furniture stacks and nests, electrical requirements, and storage needs for excess furniture. 


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