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The first thing people see when they enter a building is the lobby.  Not only does it need to be a beautiful space, it needs to function for your guests with waiting space, easy signage, and wayfinding.



The challenge was to develop a medical office building with direct access to the hospital.  The multi-story facility was designed with a primary entrance from the parking lot, a central atrium space and a connecting open space to the hospital.  The connecting space includes a gift shop, coffee shop and waiting areas. 

A welcoming interactive space in the building atrium was created by introducing a water feature with a rolling granite sphere on water.  The receptionist is located centrally to provide guidance to patients and visitors.  Screens are located strategically to provide information, updates, and directional information.  The medical office can be closed from the hospital space with a rolling gate.



Due to two entries into the branch from parking and street access, we had a central access area to incorporate into the space.  This area became an atrium space with punched clerestory windows, specialty lighting, and a central water feature.  The water feature was created to accent the corporate logo and incorporates a bench at the base.  At night, the water feature and specialty lighting create a glow into the space.

In the corporate offices, the desire was to see the skyline on both sides as you exited the elevators. The board room was located on one side but required privacy when in use. A system was designed and installed to “fog” the windows when required. The remaining executive area provides access to the executive offices and executive conference rooms. Alcoves were created to add

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As you exit the elevators on the executive floor, we wanted to provide visibility of the Orlando skyline when you looked in either direction. Glass walls were incorporated including a glass wall into the board room with the Fairwinds logo and the ability to “fog” the glass for privacy during meetings. Wood accents including flooring and walls were incorporated into the executive area to provide warmth and welcome visitors. Metal reveals were incorporated to break up the wood panels and provide interest and a contemporary feel. In addition, niches were incorporated to display artwork related to the Credit Union.



Incorporating a branch in a multi-tenant building provided challenges.  In addition to visibility to the branch, the request to add access, including after hour, to the mortgage area from the lobby was necessary.

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A receptionist desk was planned to provide direction and simple transactions at the front of the space. In addition, an entrance was planned into the mortgage space with a waiting area in the front. The mortgage staff will handle the customer assistance as they enter the space.

The main building lobby has an upscale marble floor with seamless glass to provide the openness into the spaces.


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