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Several new branches and a new corporate facility were completed for this client.  Branches included dialog towers with teller cash dispensers and drive up teller services.  The consistency of the branches and messaging tied the new name, logo and branding together.

The corporate office was planned for 10-year growth within the facility and a building expansion was planned on the site.  The facility included multiple entrances with a central reception area. 

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The first floor incorporates the branch, training, and community multipurpose rooms. The upper floors house the support staff in open plan concept along with the computer room. In addition, the executive office and board room are located on the upper floor. The facility was planned to allow security to the upper floors and public access on the main level for the membership. The open mezzanine with 3 story openings allows the space to be light, bright, and incorporate visibility to the upper floors to show employee activity.

While the credit union changed their name, they wanted to maintain their historical connection to the tobacco industry. This was accomplished with graphics that told the story of the Credit Union and room names that related to the past.



The project included development of a branch prototype that was implemented in 26 locations.  Some locations were existing locations that were remodeled.  As the site and the membership needs required, the prototype was modified to address the local requirements but the general feel of the facilities were used throughout.

Graphics were developed to incorporate the Credit Union logo (sails) into the ceiling elements, soffit details, and glass panel element at the greeter position.  Floating graphic panels at the front of the member service positions provided privacy and product and service information.

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The corporate offices were relocated to a downtown tower. The lending center, marketing and accounting functions were in the tower. The upper floor houses the executive offices and board room. As you exit the elevators, we wanted the visibility of the Orlando skyline in each direction. Glass walls were incorporated including a glass wall into the board room with the Fairwinds logo and the ability to “fog” the glass for privacy during meetings. Wood accents including flooring and walls were incorporated into the executive area to provide warmth and welcome visitors.



Since this was the new corporate offices along with a branch, the desire was to have an open space and include a fireplace and monumental staircase as focal elements.  The two-story open mezzanine offers visibility from the branch to the staff offices and allows the customers to feel like they have access to anyone they need to see.  The introduction of wood and rock keep the interior blending with the Colorado environment.  The materials and colors used provide durability and a timeless space.



A new main office with a branch inside was created on a central site for the membership.  The main entry area was designed to accommodate a vehicle or boat display along with a Credit Union history display.  The branch was designed with remote teller stations to allow one teller to handle multiple transactions.  This helps to free the staff for more personal member assistance within the branch in semi-private offices.

The corporate offices and board room have similar finishes as the branch. The board room allows visibility between attendees and easy presentation access along with updated audio visual system.

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The executive area has an inviting glass entry and wood paneled wall to lead visitors into the suite. The Board Room has audio visual and IT equipment that is hidden in the space. The table was designed to seat the required number with the center open for presenters to interact with the seated individuals.



Incorporating a branch in a multi-tenant building provided challenges.  In addition to visibility to the branch, the request to add access, including after hours, to the mortgage area from the lobby was necessary.

The opposing side houses the mortgage staff with waiting, offices, and mortgage processors all visible to the building lobby.

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A receptionist position that was manned by rotating staff, was planned to provide direction and simple transactions. A built in safe was included in the millwork to allow customers to make a quick deposit without needing teller assistance. The teller function is further in the space along with customer service positions.



The client requested an open space that would allow the executive offices on the second floor to interactive with the main branch lobby.  A large monumental staircase provides easy access in an inviting rich wood interior space.  The tile flooring provides durability for the Florida sand and a light color to counter the deep wood finishes.



A small branch was designed in the space with dialog towers for transactions and private areas for longer customer interactions.  Deep colors and wood accents for warmth were used with accents of the corporate red color.


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